February 18, 2019

Our Mothers Love Motherlove

When selecting items to go into every Momology Co box, we take high priority in choosing products that are safe for both momma and her baby. Enter Motherlove. We cannot rave enough about how much we love this company. Founded by a mom herself, Kathryn Higgins began making these herbal products to support her own pregnancy and birthing experience.

When we found ourselves in the midst of a common breastfeeding complication (sore nipples in the first two weeks of newly breastfeeding) a friend recommended Motherlove's nipple cream - what we now call "rainbow relief in a jar." Made of all natural organic ingredients, we found so much relief in this tiny blue jar. One ingredient that you WILL NOT find in Motherlove's nipple cream is lanolin. Please read on to their blog post below as to why this ingredient is not included.

Why No Lanolin in Motherlove Nipple Cream

"Lanolin is a natural wax coating on sheep wool that is removed by boiling the wool and collecting the wax. Sheep are often treated with a pesticide dip which contains chemicals such as DDT, lindane, and diazinon to control parasites. Because we are dedicated to avoiding the use of toxins in products that are made for parents and their babies, this is one reason we have chosen not use this ingredient." Read more from Motherlove


Other Awesome Uses for Motherlove Nipple Cream

1. Aids in healing c-section scars (contains calendula which helps reduce the effects of scarring).

2. Heal minor scrapes and burns

3. Lip conditioner for chapped lips on momma and baby

4. Hand cream

5. Soothes eczema

Do you have any mommy hacks for breastfeeding that you would like to share with us? We'd love to hear from you in our comments section below!

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