Giving new moms the power to her health by providing the information she needs to get through the first year of motherhood.

Motherhood does not come with a manual so we curated products and services that we found essential for postpartum recovery.



Our Passion

To make it easier for new moms to get the support she needs. Not only will she receive products to get her through her journey, but information on what to expect and how to overcome the challenges. We are here to give her ALL of that.

For The Mom

We are here to support new moms by creating our own kits that are for moms curated by moms. They are essential for healing, nurturing, but most importantly, just for her.

We've Been There

We have taken our experience and knowledge and boxed them up into the ultimate care package to help the next mom survive and thrive!


Made Ready For Her

Each item has been personally selected by moms who have been there and done that. Prepare the new mom for what's to come.


Through Self-Care

When people think "self-care," booking a spa day, taking time alone or purchasing a gift for themselves comes to mind.

We are redefining "self-care"
Every new mom deserves to be cared for and that starts with her being aware of her body and the transitions it goes through during the first year of motherhood. We want her to be well-equipped to make the best choices when it comes to caring for herself.

Motherhood Guides

Motherhood does not come with a handbook so we have created one! We work with experts that specializes in the different phases of postpartum care, to create guides for new moms to have all of the information she needs to be better prepared to make the best decision of care for herself.

Postpartum Essentials

We carry products that we know works. It is common for a new mom to focus most of her energy caring for her newborn and family that she often forgets to care for herself. We are giving her the gift of care to remind her that she is most important.  

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