Who We Are

Becoming a mom is a gift, but it does not come without its challenges. While we are putting the needs of our children first, we often times neglect ours. Finding time to maintain our well-being can be difficult.
This began the creation of Momology Co.

We aim to promote the importance of self-care, as the mother's health and mental well-being is vital to the health and well-being of her family. The transition to motherhood can be very overwhelming and as they say "It takes a village." We are creating that village, a community where new moms can learn about products that she never knew existed and gain support that she never knew she needed.

Our Founder

Every year on her birthday, Sonya gifts flowers to her mom.

“It started with my dad. He taught me and my brother to always gift our mom flowers on our own birthdays. This day is more about our mom and all she had to endure to bring us to this world. We need to always remember that and Thank her.

While I was mentally prepared to be a new mom, I was not prepared to be a mom. I was equipped with the supplies and resources to care for my child, but not to care for myself. The transition from career woman to stay at home mom was very tough for me. However, after the birth of both of my children and through my own personal challenges, I have now made it my mission to help women navigate this beautiful phase of life."

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